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The lawyers at Pohls & Associates have practiced in some of California's largest law firms and corporations.  However, they also have a shared belief that clients hire lawyers -- rather than law firms.

In 1999, Rob Pohls abandoned the large firm model to create a new breed of law firm -- one based upon the breadth and depth of his many years of experience with representing life, health and disability insurance companies in bad faith, ERISA and other complex forms of litigation.  

Doing so ensured that he can remain personally involved as the lead attorney in every matter for which he is retained.  It also allowed him to provide clients with a scaleable solution for their legal needs:  without a larger firm's pressure to let attorneys unfamiliar with the field to "cut their teeth" on a client's important matters, the new business model gave him the freedom to purposefully and selectively involve others only when (and if) there is a need to do so.

The product of those efforts is a law firm that provides clients with ready access to a pragmatic legal advisor with genuine experience in a unique practice area who also is both a skilled litigator and a veteran trial attorney.  When greater resources are necessary, they are available.  In the meantime, clients get top notch legal representation and pay only for the lawyer they hired.

Robert R. Pohls
Founder and Principal

Office:  925.956.1760

Direct Dial:  925.788.4355

Fax: 888.567.2402

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